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Welcome to the Lucky Fish Aquarium

Lucky Fish Aquarium Jaipur is one of India’s Biggest fish Wholeseller & Distributor Fresh & Marine Water Fish and Aquatic animals that live in aquariums. You will get all types of fishes and even all types of imported fresh water .We are working in the field of aquarium since 2018. With great experience and knowledge we have move one step forward in field. We are happy that people are connecting with nature through this medium. Fish keeping is an ancient hobby. Thousand years ago people Used to keep ornamental fishes.

Aquarium required because they are affectionate of underwater life while some doctors keep one in their clinics to help relief as early as. In 1980 researchers from the University of Pennsylvania reported that test of people watching fish in a house aquarium showed them to be more relax and less subject to stress them other people. According to fengshui fish in the house is a sure gateway to fortune and have an extraordinary positive influence on your finance.